What is TURKPEXNJ23 Fair

What is TURKPEXNJ23 Fair, which will be held in New Jersey/USA between 14-17 September 2023?


Organized by Discover Events, TURKPEXNJ23: TURKISH HOME PRODUCTS EXPO is the Sectoral Turkish Export Products Fair organized in New Jersey, USA. It is a fair organization that consists of 4 sectors and will last for 4 days, in which only Turkish origin, manufacturers and exporters will participate. The visitor organization of the fair, of which Expoleader USA INC is the event organizer, will be held by Macexpos, and the sales, promotion, and advertising organization in Turkey will be carried out by Expoleader Fair Organization.

TURKPEXNJ23 is an organization that primarily aims to open Turkish Products to the American Market and to increase its current export capacity; It consists of sectors such as Furniture and Accessories, carpets, Home Textiles and Curtains, Glassware, and Kitchenware.
The audience of this fair, each of which aims for the participation of leading names and brands in their fields, will be only professionals. In addition to importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and chain stores, which are the main actors of the American Market, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. comprehensive interior design companies will also be included in the target visitor scope.

The organizer of the fair, Yunus Ete, together with the organizer of the American leg, Issam Latif, said in a statement; “We have been working on this project for the last three years. First of all, our first goal is to ensure that this first fair, which we will hold in 2023, is successful. We are aware of the expectations of both exhibitors and visitors and we are working hard to meet them. Under the leadership of Discover Events, which has years of experience in the fair industry, together with Expoleader USA and Macexpos, our only goal is to bring the most qualified audience to our fair on September 14-17 and to satisfy our participants.” they said.