First Time in America

The Turkish Export Products Fair will be held for the first time in U.S


The world’s largest importer, the U.S breaks new ground in September 2023 and hosts the Turkish
Export Products Fair.

Organized by Discover Events, TURKPEXNJ23: TURKISH HOME PRODUCTS EXPO is the Sectoral Turkish Export Products Fair organized in New Jersey, U.S. It is a fair organization that consists of 4 sectors and will last for 4 days, in which only Turkish origin, manufacturers and exporters will participate. The visitor organization of the fair will be held by Macexpos, and the sales, promotion, and advertising organization in Turkey will be carried out by Expoleader Fair Organization.

In the statement made by the organization; Expressing that they have had commercial relations with Turkey
for many years and they have discovered the potential of Turkish Products closely during this
period; It was stated that they aimed to introduce these products to the American Market and open
new markets to Turkish Exporters in the Globalizing World, and they organized this fair for this purpose.
The statement said: “Turkey’s exports to the U.S have increased compared to last year. According to
the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, while Turkey’s total exports to the U.S were approximately
9 billion dollars in 2020, this figure increased to 13 billion dollars in 2021, an increase of approximately
44% compared to the previous year. It was stated that they supported the 100 billion dollars export
target in the 100th Anniversary with the United States announced by the government and they
organized this event to contribute. It was also emphasized that TURKPEXNJ23 is an important event and
a first in its field for the total export target of 500 billion dollars for 2023.

TURKPEXNJ23: Turkish Home Products Expo; It consists of only 4 sectors: Furniture and Accessories,
Home Textile / Curtain / Fabric, Glassware/Kitchenware, Carpet/Rugs. A different hall
will be reserved for each sector in the fair area, which consists of a net exhibition area of ​​6.000m².

Considering that fairs create great opportunities for companies that want to increase their exports, that
international fairs are very large organizations, and the difficulty of standing out among hundreds and
thousands of companies and attracting attention, the importance of this type of sector-oriented and
minimalist Country Fairs comes to the fore even more. The statement emphasized; “In this organization,
which will be held for the first time in 2023, we aim to appeal to industry professionals, so we aim to
attend wholesalers, importers, and chain stores, not end users. For this reason, we invite industry
professionals to our fair by cooperating with MacExpos, which has 30 years of experience in the field of
fairs.” it was said.

In the statement, emphasizing that the fair is a first, it was emphasized that the theme of Home
Decoration was preferred, that they aimed to continue in the coming years, and that they would
continue TURKPEX Fairs in larger venues where a single sector takes place.